EIF Programme

How it works

Each year at least 4,500 schools are inspected. The EIF programme has been established as a yearly training initiative to support and guide schools. The programme is led by successful practitioners who are current serving teachers and leaders, doing the job day in, day out. We want to facilitate and support each other to grow as reflective and impactful teachers and leaders, as well as to embed outstanding practice. At our core is the focus on collaboration – teachers sharing best practice with fellow teachers.

The programme consists of both face-to-face and online courses, as well as networking as part of school leader communities. It offers a flexible approach, supporting with preparation and readiness to suit individual school needs, and allows for a flexible approach to training – you can send a different person to every course.


Face-to-face training courses


Subject leader communities


Trainer-led courses


training courses

The face-to-face training focuses on the quality of education, leadership and management and behaviour and personal development judgements. All sessions are facilitated by specialist practitioners who are current serving leaders doing the job day in, day out. Each course will run from 09:30-15:30 with lunch and refreshments provided.


Subject leader

Meeting twice a year, subject leads deep dive into subject specific pedagogy, example curriculums, take away ideas, share best practice and embed practical strategies. 

All communities are led by successful current serving practitioners and include: Art and design, Computing, DT, Early years, English, Foreign Languages, Geography, History, English, Maths, PE and Science.



Access eight trainer led courses across the academic year. Courses are led by current serving school practitioners, sharing similar experiences and learning from each other. All training is extensively researched and aligns with the strategic values of schools.  

Each course is designed so teachers can work collaboratively together and share best practice. Training will enable teachers to share ideas and practical strategies with each other.

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