Handling Allegations

Handling Allegations


Griffin Care Training presents a course for professionals working with children on the allegation management process.


The outline is as follows:


  • The nature of allegations.

  • How they may arise due to different value basis and life experience.

  • Different styles and approaches to care and to control.

  • Lack of experience/training by the professional.

  • Inappropriate/illegal behaviour by the professional.

  • How allegations may be current, historical or may be in regard to behaviour outside the professional’s work life.

  • The legislation under which the allegations may fall.

  • The level at which the allegation is pitched, Disciplinary – Safeguarding – Criminal.

  • The types of investigation under each category, who would be involved and the potential outcomes for the professional concerned and the impacts in the short and long term.

  • The different “Burden of Proof” between civil, employment and criminal investigations and the implications.

  • The recording of allegations, how they are stored and who can access them and when.

This course when provided to foster carers, is very often run in conjunction with a session on “Safe Care” when issues of protecting the child and consequently the professional are covered.